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$430,034 Santa Anita Pick 6 Carryover Tickets – Oct. 14

Sunday’s Santa Anita Park Recap – Oct. 13

Main track seemed to play fair. Two patient runners (6.5f) and a flat mile wire job made up the three turf winners on Sunday (turf rail at 15 feet).

Martin Pedroza and Joe Talamo both booted home a pair. Doug O’Neill saddled two winners on the day.

Using the Primary-Secondary ticket strategy on Sunday, I tabbed three Primary winners (Joeandbetty’sbaby, Half Dome Dude, Journey On). Double carryover into Monday!

Photo by Eclipse Sportswire

Monday’s Santa Anita Pick 6 Tickets ($430,034 Carryover)

Degree of Difficulty: Competitive (7/10)

Possible Singles: Final Step (6th race), Fighting On (8th race)

Best Bet: Fighting On (8th race)          

Live Longshot: Tickle Again (5th race)  

Jarrod Horak’s Santa Anita Pick 6 Tickets  – Monday, October 14, 2013

Race 5 – MSW, 8T
Primary – #3 Tickle Again, #9 Keldy
Secondary – #7 St. Malo’s Gate, #11 Kathleen Rose

Race 6 – MSW, 5.5f
Primary – #4 Final Step
Secondary – #3 Big Medicine Man, #7 Eddie’s First

Race 7 – Clm-25k/2L, 8T
Primary – #6 Mr. Onery, #11 Ransom Canyon
Secondary – #3 Magnum Force, #4 Tribal Smoke, #1 Sharp Richard

Race 8 – Clm-12.5k/2L, 5.5f
Primary – #6 Fighting On
Secondary – #8 Hodge, #4 Cunning Ride
Today’s Santa Anita Park play at HorseRacingNation.com

Race 9 – OC-62.5k/2x, 9T
Primary – #11 Extensive, #1 Big Bane Theory
Secondary – #6 Lucky Primo, #8 Huntsville, #9 Examen

Race 10 – Mcl-20k, 7f
Primary – #12 Glad’s Gals, #6 Winningfashion
Secondary – #7 Meet Me for a Kiss, #3 Roust ‘em Bertie

Monday Pick 6 Tickets

Note that the Standard Ticket shows how much it would cost if you used all of the contenders on one ticket. The multiple Primary/Secondary ticket strategy saves money and allows you to put your strong handicapping opinions to the test.

Fans have asked me to mix up the ticket strategies on Pick 6 blog. In addition to my regular Primary-Secondary ticket strategy, I will incorporate DRF’s Ticketmaker A-B-C strategy, and the big ticket-budget ticket strategy that I used when I started this blog in 2009.

Today, I have posted Pick 6 tickets below using the Primary/Secondary strategy:

del mar p6 capture




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