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$189,823 Del Mar Pick 6 Carryover Tickets – August 18

Saturday’s Del Mar Recap  – August 17 (Day 24)

Polytrack surface and the turf course both seemed to favor stalkers and closers. Turf rail set at 7 feet.

Rafael Bejarano and Joe Talamo both booted home a pair.

On the ticket front I tabbed three Primary (Rock Me Baby, Marchman, Warren’s Veneda) winners. Carryover into Sunday!

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

Photo by Eclipse Sportswire

Sunday’s Del Mar Pick 6 ($189,823 Carryover)

Degree of Difficulty: Competitive (8/10)

Possible Singles: Gnarly Dude (6th race), Red Vine (10th race)

Best Bet: Heat Trap (8th race)

Live Longshot: Starzilla (10th race)

Jarrod Horak’s Del Mar Pick 6 Tickets  – Sunday, August 18, 2013

Race 5 – OC-40k/1x, 8T
A - #4 Somethings Unusual, #7 Tom’s Tribute
B – #1 Kid Dreams
C – #6 U S Citizen, #10 Te Rapa,#8 Mambo Man, #9 My Samurai Warrior

Race 6 – Clm-32k, 6.5f
A – #8 Gnarly Dude
B – #10 Let’s Get Crackin, #9 Coo Cachoo
C – #2 Dress Code, #6 Hadfunlastnight

Race 7 – MSW, 5.5f
A – #2 Belle of the Fleet, #7 Spring Again
B – #10 Wild Caroline
C – #6 Sunset Strip

Race 8 – Solana Beach ‘Cap, 8T
A – #2 Halo Dolly, #1 Unusual Hottie
B – #4 Heat Trap
Today’s Del Mar play at HorseRacingNation.com

Race 9 – MSW, 5.5f
A – #3 Tribalist, #5 Tamarando
B – #10 Even to the Moon
C – #1 Takem by Surprise, #4 Time to Go Robo

Race 10 – MSW, 8T
A – #6 Self Confident, #5 Red Vine
C – #8 Starzilla

Sunday Pick 6 Tickets

Fans have asked me to mix up the ticket strategies on P6 blog. In addition to my regular Primary-Secondary ticket strategy, I will incorporate DRF’s Ticketmaker A-B-C strategy, and the big ticket-small ticket strategy that I used when I started this blog in 2009.

Today, I have posted P6 tickets below using Ticketmaker, courtesy of DRF.

Ticketmaker 1

Ticketmaker 2
Ticketmaker 3


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