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$94,863 Betfair Hollywood Park Pick 6 Carryover Tickets – June 27

Sunday’s Betfair Hollywood Park Recap  – June 23

Cushion Track seemed to play fair. Both turf sprints were nabbed by patient types and the lone flat mile turf route was captured in wire-to-wire fashion (rail at 10 feet).

Martin Garcia and Irving Orozco both booted home a pair.

On the ticket front I tabbed one Primary (Ambitious Brew) winner and one Secondary (Jay and S Express) winner. Carryover into Thursday!

Betfair Hollywood Park

Photo by Eclipse Sportswire

Thursday’s BHP Pick 6 ($94,863 Carryover)    

Degree of Difficulty: Competitive (7/10)     

Possible Singles: Rock This Way (5th race)

Best Bet: No Tricks for Jack (6th race)

Live Longshot: Warren’s Adam (8th race)   

Jarrod Horak’s Betfair Hollywood Park Pick 6 Tickets  – Thursday, June 27, 2013

Race 3 – Clm-16k/2L, 7f
Primary - #6 Light of Life, #4 Full’s Figurehead
Secondary – #7 Briteness

Race 4 – MSW, 6T
Primary – #1 Major Affair, #2 Power Ped
Secondary – #5 Cacau, #8 Di Conti, #6 Blame It On Tekela

Race 5 – Clm-16k, 8.5f
Primary – #1 Rock This Way
Secondary – #6 Big Wags, #10 Husband’s Folly

Race 6 – Clm-32k, 6.5f
Primary – #2 No Tricks for Jack, #1 Addendum
Secondary – #4 Distant Image
Thursday’s Betfair Hollywood Park play at HorseRacingNation.com

Race 7 – Alw-1x, 8.5T
Primary – #1 Unbridled Giant, #3 Horizon Sky
Secondary – #6 Uno Dos Adios, #4 Jovita’s Tuffy

Race 8 – Mcl-20k, 6f
Primary – #4 J Man, #3 Mr. Fitzramathorn
Secondary – #5 Warren’s Adam

Thursday Pick 6 Tickets

Note that the Standard Ticket shows how much it would cost if you used all of the contenders on one ticket. The multiple Primary/Secondary ticket strategy saves money and allows you to put your strong handicapping opinions to the test.

del mar p6 capture

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